Ministry of Scientific Research
Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
National Committee of Mathematics
International Conference on Mathematics, and Applications
13 – 16 May, 2017, Cairo, Egypt.
Mathematics pillar for the transition to the era of knowledge
الرياضيات ركيزة للتحول إلى عصر المعرفة

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Social events

Dinner Cruise on the Nile

We meet the Participants at the hotel lobby in early evening and accompanies them to the Nile Bank whereby they can board one of the 5-star Nile Cruises for about two hours sailing the Nile. While the clients will be choosing their favorites from the buffet for dinner they will be enjoying watching the oriental show onboard.

Half Day Pyramids and Sphinx

The guide meets the clients at the hotel lobby and drives 30 minutes to reach the Pyramids Plateau at Giza. Two hours are spent at one of the old Seven Wonders: the Sphinx & Three Pyramids.

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